The following procedures were established to insure the safety of all students and employees on campus.  These procedures pertain to both campus residences and academic buildings.  College staff conducts safety inspections to insurance compliance with these safety procedures.


-  No live cut trees, branches, hay, straw, or similar materials is permitted

-  Tampering with fire safety system (including extinguishers, strobe lights, horns, bells, smoke and heat detectors, fire sprinklers, hoses, valves, or emergency lights) is NEVER tolerated and may result in a fine of up to $500

-  All exit signs and doors must be visible from any point in hallways or stairways

-  Hallway floors must be free of obstructions and safety illuminated at all times

-  No live animals permitted in buildings on campus

-  Pillars of wax may be used for decorations, but open flames, candles, or incense are strictly prohibited

-  Spray painting on walls and decorative frosting on windows, doors and walls is not permitted

-  Ceiling tiles are to remain in intact and in the original position in the ceiling.


DECORATIONS (other than electrical):

Any residential floor or apartment participating in the “Deck the Halls” contest MUST have their holiday decorations pre-approved by their Residence Director.