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Trash and Recycling





Recycling container  green recycling bin

Recycling and Waste Coordinator - Wes Bower

Responsible for the collection and transportation of all Recyclables, Trash, Infectious Waste, Universal Waste, and Hazardous Waste items from staging areas to specific locations for proper disposal.

Wes and recycling truck

• Collect all recyclable material on a daily basis
• Ensure all outdoor trash receptacles are maintained
• Interface with trash vendor to insure dumpsters are managed
• Ensure trash needs of campus are properly met and maintained

During Fiscal Year 2010, Messiah College processed 34.65 tons of recycled cans/bottles, 109,450 pounds of recycled cardboard, and 70,775 pounds of recycled paper.

Educating community on the proper ways to recycle and what gets recycled.

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Rechargeable Battery and Cell Phone Recycling  Click here to find out which batteries are recycled and where you can drop off your batteries and cell phones. If the cell phone is still working, please note this so that we can donate it to charity.

The Correct Way to Recycle Cans and Bottles - Describes the proper procedures for recycling cans and bottles

The Correct Way to Recycle Cardboard

Describes the proper procedures for recyling cardboard

The Correct Way to Recycle Pizza Boxes

Describes the proper procedures for recyling pizza boxes

DID YOU KNOW Plastics Recycling Information pertaining to plastics recycling

DID YOU KNOW Paper Recycling Information pertaining to paper recycling

Tips for a "Green" Holiday Tips for ways you can have a sustainable holiday season by reducing, reusing, and recycling

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