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Department of Facility Services

Library Learning Commons


April 1, 2013


Photos of some of the completed areas -


     Cafe    Open Study Area

                             Cafe                                                       Open Study Area


     Technology Desk    Group Study Room

                     Technology Desk                                              Group Study Rooms


                                                     Circulation Area    

                                                              Circulation Area



December 7, 2012


  Circulation desk   Reference desk

          Circulation desk                          Reference Desk


  Conference room   Librarian work room

           Conference Room                       Librarian work room


  Librarians common office in basement   Librarians common office in the basement

   Librarians common office in the basement               Another view of the common office


  Two group study rooms    Study space and cafe

        Two group study rooms                   Study space and cafe



November 2, 2012


  Renovations under way   Work continues


  Drywall for office   HVAC equipment


                    Study area


October 12, 2012



The Murray Library is going through a renovation to become the new Learning Commons.  This renovation will include relocating the library staff to new offices and the circulation area and Cafe Diem to new locations within the building.  Two group study rooms and an informal study area are being developed.  This project also relocates the Learning & Writing centers as well as Disability Services from Hoffman to the Library.


As part of the project we are upgrading the HVAC system with new high efficiency equipment and new electrical components.


     Sign to announce the work being done     Current circulation area


     Lobby area     New circulation staff offices


     New circulation area    Informal study looking at the group study rooms


     New offices     Another view of the new offices