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Department of Facility Services

Hostetter Chapel Fire Alarm System


July 2009 -


Chapel Fire Alarm System is now connected to central alarm monitoring system at Dispatch.  The township has been scheduled for final inspection.


June 2009 -


The system was tested and is up and running.  We are waiting for final connection to the central alarm system.  This was the last major building on campus to have a fire alarm system installed.


May 2009 -


System has been installed.  Testing on system takes place May 21, 2009.


April 2009 -


Most of the wiring has been pulled for fire alarm system.  The audio and visual devices will be installed.  We are anticipating testing the system by end of May.


March 2009 -


This project moving along as to be expected.  Due to the aging of the building, it is difficult to fish wires in the walls.  This project is now approximately 80% complete.


February 2009 -


Project moving along and approximately 70% complete.  Contractor looking to finish this job week of Spring Break (March 16th).


January 2009 -


Progress is being made.  The project is about 35% complete.


November 2008 -


Work is continuing on the installation of the new fire alarm equipment.  The project is about 25% completed.


October 2008 -


The contractor is working through the building installing wiring and fire alarm equipment.


September 2008 -


The contractor has started on the installation.  This project is scheduled to take place through the end of 2008.


July 2008 -


This project is scheduled to being in September.


A fire alarm system will be installed in the Hostetter Chapel.  The new system will be connected to the central alarm monitoring system located at the dispatch office.