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Department of Facility Services

Kelly Ground Water Issues -


July 2009 -

In addition to concrete work being completed; our electrician has installed a new emergency phone tower at rear of B Section.  This completes this project.


June 2009 -

Concrete is expected to be poured middle of July. This will close out this project.


May 2009 -

Waterproofing at Kelly project is complete.  The new heat pumps are installed.  The contractor will be repairing all damaged concrete in future.


Kelly Exterior Units       Kelly Exterior Units

April 2009 -

New water main installed. During installation it was discovered that building shutoff valves needed to be replaced.  It was completed April 8, 2009.  This project is moving along with anticipation of heat pumps being installed in time for warmer weather.


March 2009 -

Waterproofing of Kelly Rear Section A is completed.  The new water main will be installed week of March 16, 2009.  Waterproofing of Kelly Rear Section B should take place before end of March; followed by installation of new heat pumps.


Kelly Ground Water Repairs      Kelly Ground Water Repairs     Kelly Ground Water Repairs


February 2009 -

A contractor is working to excavate the ground away from rear of A and B Sections of Kelly.  This work being done to expose foundation wall and allow it to be re-waterproofed.  As part of this project, twelve heat pumps will be replaced.  In addition, the main water line for the building will be relocated.