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Department of Facility Services

Oaks Museum Dehumidification -

February 2009 -

The system is up and running as designed.  This new equipment will allow the museum to have better control of humidification/dehumidification of the space.

November 2008 -

The new equipment to control temperature and humidification has been installed and is up and running.  The contractor is working out some minor bugs in the system.


October 2008 -

All the equipment has been installed.  The air handling units will be balanced in the near future.


September 2008 -

The majority of the piping and wiring has been completed.  The contractor is waiting for the HVAC equipment to be delivered to complete the installation.


August 2008 -

The system should be completed and running by the third week in September.


July 2008 -

This project begins with lay out and prep work this with.  Installation should begin the last week in July.



The Oaks Musium has experienced humidity issues in the past and has hired a specialty engineering firm to rectify the problem.  The installation of equipmnet will take place over the summer.