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Department of Facility Services

Archive of construction updates and photographs


July 1, 2007
President's Residence/Musser Farm - Out buildings are being emptied and prepared for demolition.

Site Preparation (July 2007)

7:05am Musser Outbuilding     9:00am Musser Outbuilding     9:30am Musser Outbuilding


12:30pm Musser Outbuilding     3:00pm Musser Outbuilding     Musser Farm - Out Back

Preparations Continue (August 27, 2007)

    The back of Musser barn with out the silo.     Preparations for the new President's residence continues.     Preparations continue.


Site Excavation (August 2007)

    Ground preparations for the President's Residence     Preparations for new President's Residence     Ground work for President's Residence


Footers are poured (September 7, 2007)

                             Footers are poured


September 14, 2007

The recycling of the barn will begin Monday, September 17th with the barn being completely moved by the end of the week.  After the barn in dismantled, the stone foundation will be dismantled.  If all goes according to plan the barn should be completely gone by the end of September.


September 19, 2007--Foundation preparations

Removal of Musser barnFront view of foundationFoundationSide view of foundation

Site preparationInstallation of steel beamsFoundation backfillFoundation and steel work

September 20, 2007

Foundation work on the new home is progressing. Walls have been poured and the builders are getting ready to start framing the home. The barn on the property is being removed and should be cleared off sight in the next week. The firm removing the barn is saving the boards and timbers for use in future barn repairs.

October 2, 2007

The foundation work has been completed and steel support beams are being installed. The framing of the home is scheduled to begin on Oct. 3. Site work continues to progress.

October 23, 2007

Framing for the first floor is being completed. During this week, framing for the second floor will begin, and roofing trusses will be delivered.

Front entranceGarage framingInterior framingRear of home

November 2, 2007

Work continues but was slowed due to inclement weather. Strong progress is being made with the framing of the first floor and bringing utilities to the site. Next week work on the second floor will begin.

Front exteriorInterior framingRear exteriorExterior patio space and basement entrance

BasementEntertaining spaceInstallation of electric

November 8, 2007

Work continued on the installation of utility services to the residence. Water and power lines are being installed. The second floor is framed out and the roof trusses are in place.

Installation of water linesFront view with roof trussesSide view with roof trussesGarage viewRear entrance

December 3, 2007
Work on the residence continues to move forward. The house is under roof, and the shingle work is almost complete. The front pillars and portico are installed. Inside rough- ins for electric and plumbing are in process.

Front windows InstallationPatio doors to deckPublic space areaStair installation

December 12, 2007

The Cocurricular Education Council announced that the current president's residence will house The Reconciliation House in the 2008-2009 academic year.  Educators were invited to submit proposals for using the residence as a unique student living-learning environment.  The Reconciliation House was selected based on its goals of exploring and modeling the ministry of reconciliation to the entire Messiah College campus community.  The house will provide a place for students, faculty, and staff members to dialogue openly and sincerely and feel empowered individually and collectively to seek positive change.

January 18, 2008

Brick work on the exterior of the home continues. Indoors, electrical inspections have been completed and ceilings and installation is being installed. In the next weeks, work on dry wall will begin.

Brick work on the frontBrick work rearDrywall deliveryExterior WorkSide window brick

Catering KitchenDuct work installationElectrical systemsFamily room fireplaceInsulation

Mechanical systems insulation in public space

January 31, 2008

Family room fireplacePublic living roomPrivate entranceRear exterior with brickSide patio

February 11, 2008

Family entrance Formal living roomPublic entrance

Public entrance wall for displaying artSide patioPublic space