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Financial Aid Information Booklet
Other Important Information
2012-2013 Academic Year


There are a number of items of public information that we are required to provide but which appear in other financial aid publications or publications from other offices. This section lists these items and where they can be found. The text in italics following each bolded heading is the detailed description of the information that must be provided.

Description of All Financial Aid Programs
A description of all the Federal, state, local, private and institutional student financial assistance programs available to students who enroll at Messiah College.

The brochure “Scholarship and Financial Aid” contains this information for almost all financial aid programs available to students at Messiah College.  Similar information can be found on the Messiah College web page at:

The exception would be scholarships from outside individuals or organizations (non-institutional scholarships). While the Financial Aid Office might have some information on these forms of aid, in many cases interested applicants would have to contact the awarding individual or organization in order to receive this information. We also recommend review of the various scholarship search pages on the World Wide Web. A listing of these is available on the Financial Aid Office web page at: scholarships/scholarship_search_pages.html.

Procedures and Forms for Applying for Financial Aid
The procedures and forms by which students apply for assistance and requirements for accurately preparing such forms.

An informational message directing students to the on-line application packet with the forms necessary to apply for almost all types of financial aid is sent to each student during the fall preceding the first year of the award year. For example, this information for the 2012-2013 academic year was sent out during the fall of 2011, or at the time of acceptance for new students.

The only applications not contained in this packet are:


The on-line application packet contains instructions for completing the applications in the form of a publication called “Financial Aid Instructions.” In addition to this, the various Federal and state forms each contain extensive instructions of their own.

The United States Department of Education also has a toll-free telephone number that you can call for information and instructions on applying for federal student aid. This phone number is 1-800-433-3243.

Eligibility Requirements and Criteria
Student eligibility requirements, criteria for selecting recipients from the group of eligible applicants, criteria for determining the amount of a student’s award, and criteria for continued student eligibility.

This information is contained in the brochure “Scholarship and Financial Aid,” available from the Financial Aid Office.


It is particularly important for all students to understand the requirement that a person must be enrolled as a regular student in an eligible program in order to receive Federal Student Aid funds and most forms of Messiah College institutional financial aid.  A regular student is someone who is enrolled or accepted for enrollment in an eligible institution for the purpose of obtaining a degree or certificate offered by the school. Persons taking courses while not accepted into a degree or certificate program are not eligible for most forms of financial aid.

Audit credits do not count toward your enrollment for financial aid purposes.

Loan Terms and Student Employment Terms
The terms of any loan received as part of the student’s financial aid package, a sample loan repayment schedule, information on the necessity of repaying loans, deferment and cancellation provisions of the various loan programs, and the general conditions and terms applicable to any employment provided to a student as part of the student’s financial aid package.

The only institutionally awarded loans that a student would receive as part of his or her financial aid package would be the Federal Perkins Loan, the Nursing Student Loan, and the Federal Stafford Loan. The required information is available in the promissory notes, Borrowers Rights and Responsibilities, and various other counseling publications, which are available upon request and which are given to each student as part of the loan entrance and exit counseling processes.

The terms of student employment are published in the Student Employment Handbook, which is available on the student payroll web page at:

Description of Academic Programs
An accurate description of the academic program of the institution, including: the current degree programs and other educational and training programs; the instructional, laboratory, and other physical facilities which relate to the academic program; and the institution’s faculty and other instructional personnel.

This information is available in the Messiah College catalog and the various brochures published by the Admissions Office. These publications are available upon request.

Accrediting Agencies
The names of associations, agencies or governmental bodies which accredit, approve, or license the institution and its programs, and the procedures by which the documents describing that activity may be reviewed by a current or prospective student upon request.

This information can be found in the Messiah College catalog, which is available upon request.

Persons Designated to Disseminate Consumer Information
The titles of persons designated by the institution to disseminate consumer information to students and prospective students, and information as to how and where such persons may be contacted.

This information is available in the Messiah College catalog and in an unnamed brochure published by the Student Development Office.

Special Facilities and Services for Handicapped Students
A description of any special facilities and services available to handicapped students.

This information is available from the Office of Disability Services.

Equity in Athletics Report
The annual report required by the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act can be found in the Athletic Office.

Requirements for Withdrawing from the Institution
School requirements for officially withdrawing from the school.

Students who wish to withdraw from Messiah College before the end of the semester must notify the Student Affairs Office, the Office of the Registrar, and arrange for the payment of all bills in order to secure honorable dismissal. For refund purposes, the date that the Student Affairs Office signs the notification form will be considered the date of withdrawal.


At the end of a fall or spring semester, students who do not plan to return to Messiah should complete a termination of attendance notice available in the Office of the Registrar.


See the Return of Title IV Funds/Institutional Refund Policy section of this booklet for more information on this process.

Medical Leave of Absence
Initiation of Request for Medical Leave of Absence
A student requesting medical leave of absence due to serious physical or psychological illness must first contact the Director of Counseling and Health Services. The Director or his/her designee will notify the Registrar of the request and will direct the student to provide appropriate documentation from a physician, therapist or other qualified caregiver.

Determination of Request
Approval of the medical leave request will be determined by the Dean of Students and the Academic Dean upon the recommendation of the Director of Counseling and Health Services. The Director will provide a copy of the recommendation to the Registrar and the Deans will notify the Registrar of their decision.

The Registrar will notify appropriate offices on campus of the student’s status and send a copy of the decision to the student for his or her records.

Students requesting Medical Leave of Absence need to be aware that Leave of Absence status exists largely to assist the student with non-financial aid related issues, such as remaining on the parent's medical insurance plan while on Leave of Absence.  From a financial aid standpoint, Leave of Absence status must be treated as a withdrawal and the student's financial aid will be adjusted accordingly.  See the “Return of Title IV Funds/Institutional Refund Policy” section of this booklet for more information on this process.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Students rights under the Family Education/Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

This information is sent to each student on an annual basis by the Student Life Office. It is also available on the Messiah College Web Page.  Click here to access students rights under FERPA.


Information on the following additional financial aid topics can be found on our Higher Education Act Student Consumer Information web page at:




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