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2013-2014 Financial Aid Forms


Fall students





Note: All documents available from the links below are in PDF format, unless otherwise specified.

Applying for Financial Aid

Financial Aid Instructions

This document contains instructions for the completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and information about other aspects of the financial aid application process.

2013-2014 FAFSA on the Web Worksheet

Complete this worksheet if you plan to use FAFSA on the Web to apply for financial aid. Use this worksheet to collect your (and your parents') information before beginning your 2013-2014 online Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Last year 98% of our families applied using FAFSA on the Web and we recommend it as the best way to apply.


2013-2014 Free Application For Federal Student Aid 

If you cannot or do not wish to complete the FAFSA on the Web, you can use this PDF version of the FAFSA. The PDF FAFSA must be mailed for processing. The PDF FAFSA is available for you to print and fill out manually or is screen-fillable. Screen-fillable means you can enter your data on the screen before printing. Please note that if you choose this option you will not be able to save your data to your PC. To print a PDF FAFSA file from within your reader, we recommend you use the PDF’s print button rather than the browser’s print function.


Verification Forms


Use these forms if the United States Department of Education has selected your FAFSA for review in a process called Verification. Do not complete these forms unless the Financial Aid Office instructs you to do so.  Students will be notified via email if verification documents are required.

Miscellaneous Forms

Covenant Grant Application

Covenant Grants are awarded to full-time students who are members or regular attendants of Brethren in Christ churches.  An application is required. The amount of the Covenant Grant is $500 per school year.  A travel allowance, ranging in amounts of $75 to $300, is available to non-Pennsylvania residents who also qualify for the Covenant Grant.

One application is sufficient for all four school years


Ten $1500 Dean’s Scholarships for Continuing Students are awarded each year to current Messiah College students who have distinguished themselves as outstanding leaders in specific activities while attending Messiah College.  Application deadline date is May 15th.

(Please note: this application is available during the spring semester. Students will be sent an email of its availability.)


Mature Student Discount Application

Students, age 30 years or older, will be granted a 25% Mature Student Discount on tuition only, for all courses for which they enroll.


Military Benefits Reporting Form

If you are a veteran, or the dependent of a veteran, and plan to receive veterans' benefits to help pay your educational expenses, please review Messiah College's policy entitled Military Benefits and Institutional Aid so that you will understand how your veterans' benefits will interact with Messiah College institutional financial aid programs.  In some cases, Messiah College institutional financial aid will need to be reduced to allow your veterans' benefits to fit into your institutional financial aid package. After reviewing the policy, please complete the Veterans' Benefits Reporting Form and return it to our office.  


Yellow Ribbon Program Form

Students who are eligible to apply for benefits under the Yellow Ribbon Program should complete the Yellow Ribbon application.  Yellow Ribbon applicants should read and understand the Messiah College Policies and Procedures for the Yellow Ribbon Program before applying for Yellow Ribbon Program benefits.  The policies and procedures for the 2013-2014 year have not yet been finalized.  We will make this link available to you when we are notified of any changes.


Non-Institutional Scholarship Form 2013-2014

The purpose of this form is to collect information from you about any non-institutional/private scholarships you will be receiving. This means scholarships that are not from state, federal, or Messiah College sources.


This is only applicable to Nursing students and the deadline date: April 1st, 2013 .  Please note that you must apply for the Nursing Student Loan each year. If applying for the Nursing Student Loan, please complete the Verification forms even if not selected for verification by the Federal Processor.  You will be informed by the Financial Aid Office via your Messiah College email account of which documents you need to submit for verification of your Nursing Loan application.


Vermont Grant Application
Students who are residents of Vermont can apply for the Vermont Grant through the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation at



2013-2014 Loan Forms and Information

If you decide to take out an additional loan, this document will help you decide if a PLUS Loan or an alternative loan is the best option for you.  This information is unavailable at this time.


What Do I Owe Worksheet
This worksheet will help you estimate what you will owe after your financial aid is applied, and will help you decide if you need to borrow an additional loan.

Loan Information
Additional Alternative Student Loan List

2013-2014 Application Packet
FAFSA on the Web Worksheet
Complete Your FAFSA
Read FA Booklet
Financial Aid Presentation
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