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What cross-culturals are being offered this coming J-Term and May-Term?

Click here for a current list of cross-cultural courses being offered.


How do I apply for a cross-cultural course?

Peruse the list of upcoming cross-cultural courses by clicking here.  If a course is still accepting applications, email the faculty leader for that course requesting an application.  Complete the application, send it back to the faculty leader, and you’re on your way!


How much do cross-cultural courses cost?

Tuition plus travel expenses, which vary drastically depending on location.  Faculty leaders work hard to keep the costs low, but variants such as gas prices and exchange rates can make this a challenge.  The average course fee is around $3500.  You will be asked to place a $200 deposit upon being accepted into the course.  Detailed information will be given to you by your faculty leader upon your acceptance into the course.


What if all of the cross-cultural courses are full and closed?

Planning ahead is imperative when approaching your education at Messiah, especially when it comes to studying off-campus.  If you know you need to take a cross-cultural during the J-Term of your junior year, keep your eye out the spring semester prior when faculty leaders begin recruiting for the following year.  (Courses are advertised the spring semester before they go out, meaning that a course being offered in January 2011 will advertise for students to apply during the Spring 2010 semester.) 


I’m interested in spending more than three weeks studying off-campus. What are my options?

Check out the EpiCenter website to see the many opportunities you have for spending a semester (or even a year!) off-campus during your time at Messiah, whether it be an overseas study abroad program or Messiah’s Philadelphia Campus.  Many exciting opportunities await you at Messiah!  Be sure to check them all out before you make a decision!


Who do I contact with other questions I might have?

Faith Minnich (Ext. 7373), Assistant Director of International Programs, would be happy to talk to you about your off-campus studying options at Messiah.  Feel free to email or give her a call!



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