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The protocols, procedures, and policies contained in the International Student Travel Manual provide guidelines for requesting, facilitating or participating in the above-mentioned international student travel opportunities through Messiah College. They have been implemented as best practice and are maintained by the International Risk Management Committee, co-chaired by the Vice Provost/Dean of Students and the Director of International Programs:


International Student Travel Manual (PDF/Word)

(Last updated 7/19/13)


NOTE:  This manual does not address semester-long international program opportunities (including the International Business Institute).  For more information on those opportunities, please contact the Intercultural Office at or 717.766.2511 X 2131.


This manual will be updated each semester. 


The following forms are found in the International Student Travel Manual and are available here for download:

Program Coordinator Checklist (PDF/Word)

Partner Organization Approval Form and Vetting Process (PDF/Word)

Partner Organization Considerations and Criteria (PDF/Word)

Educator Group Request Form (PDF/Word)

Cross-Cultural Pre-Approval Form (PDF/Word)

General Education Course Proposal: Cross-Cultural Studies (PDF/Word)

Cross-Cultural Leader Checklist (PDF/Word)

Individual Student Request Form (PDF/Word)

Emergency Contact Information Form (PDF/Word)

Medical Authorization and Release (PDF/Word)

Health Information Form for International Travel (PDF/Word)

Study Abroad Contract (PDF/Word)

Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability (PDF/Word)

Alcohol Agreement for Off-Campus Programs (PDF/Word)

Leader Protocols for International Travel (PDF/Word)

Volunteer Profile Form (PDF/Word)

Consent for Volunteer Reference and Background Checks (PDF)

Supplemental Waiver for Independent International Travel (PDF/Word)


Questions?  Contact Faith Minnich, Director of International Programs at or 717.796.1800 x7373.