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Intercultural Office

How To ...


Gain student employment:

Almost all international students are allowed to work on campus during their time of study at Messiah College. Click here for more information about how to secure an on-campus position!


Obtain a Pennsylvania driver's license:

Many international students seek advice on how to get their driver's license in the U.S. We've come up with a concise yet detailed guide on how obtain your driver's license and start on the wide-open road! Click this liink for the PDF guide!


Apply for Curricular or Optional Practical Training (CPT or OPT):

Start by setting up an appointment with Kevin Villegas, Director of International Student Programs, by e-mailing Gina Hale. If you're a senior, you should also plan to attend an upcoming OPT information session (for OPT). Click on the Programs and Events tab at the top.