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Intercultural Office



  • We will create a safe space that provides comfort and connections for international students, missionary, and transcultural students during their transition to the Messiah College campus culture and to the U.S. higher education system.


  • We will provide services to both international and missionary or transcultural students as matriculated students at Messiah College, informing and educating the F-1 international students about U.S. government regulations and assisting them in achieving positive results in maintaining their F-1 student status.


  • We will actively promote awareness on campus of the unique gifts that international, missionary and transcultural students bring to campus with their international experiences, while promoting awareness of the unique challenges this population might face while pursuing education on unfamiliar terrain.


  • We will educate, advocate for, and mentor the international, missionary and transcultural students while informing the students of their rights and responsibilities as students at Messiah College.


  • We will help international, missionary and transcultural students evaluate and become open to exploring the intricacies of cultural phenomena through their educational experience in the U.S., and assist them in embracing their role in shaping the culture in which they currently live.