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Intercultural Office

Academic Support



Messiah College seeks to offer each and every student the highest standard and quality of education possible. To ensure that each student has equal opportunity to excel, Messiah College offers academic support in various subjects areas.


Faculty advisors specific to the student's field of study are available to students from their first semester until graduation. Academic advisors are available to give academic advice and direction as the student navigates through the four years of academic requirements. Academic advising is required for all students.


Additionally, new students arriving from abroad for the fall semester are required to enroll in the Adaptation to U.S. Culture and Education class, a one-credit course designed to provide ongoing, in-depth orientation and cross-cultural adaptation to the U.S. and Messiah College. Students will meet once a week in an informal setting to discuss issues relevant to their adaptation to the American way of life and education system.


Please explore the following links for more information on some of the academic support services that Messiah College provides.