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Multicultural Student Programs




Committee on Race, Ethnicity and Reconciliation (MICAH)


Recommending Functions

  • Develop goals, policies, programming, and practices that create an inclusive and supportive campus climate for students and employees from underrepresented racial and ethnic backgrounds (Diversity Committee or Administrative Offices).

  • ┬áPropose ways to dismantle racist practices and policies that exist within the College (Diversity Committee or Administrative Offices).

  • Provide input and recommendations to the Diversity Committee on issues of race and ethnicity.


Action Functions

  • Create safe spaces for dialogue around questions of race, ethnicity, and diversity.

  • Hear and process campus climate concerns regarding racial and ethnic issues expressed by students and/or employees.

  • Act as a resource for groups working on issues of race and ethnicity, including implementing the diversity plan.

  • Provide guidance and support to the Diversity Committee and Office of Multicultural Programs.

  • Conduct reviews of institutional policies and governance structures to assure that they support the needs of students and employees from underrepresented racial and ethnic backgrounds.

  • Remain informed and provide recommendations for educating and training employees and students in the areas of racism, cultural diversity, campus climate, and inclusive excellence.

  • Provide guidance and input to the Martin Scholar’s program.

  • Implement responsibilities established for Micah in the Diversity Strategic Plan.



2013-2014 MICAH Committee Members:


Cathy Coleman

Internship Coordinator


Scott Hwang

Director of Multicultural Programs


Connie Ostwald

Associate Professor of Economics & Development


Roberto Reyes

Professor of Human Development & Family Science


Michael Shin

Chair of MICAH, Associate Professor of Biology


Varit Taifayongvichit

President, ISA/MuKappa Club & Student


Christina Thomas

President, Multicultural Council Club & Student


Sikholiwe Vundla

Martin Scholar & Student


Marcus Washington

Admissions Councelor


Kevin Williams

Residence Life, RD