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Multicultural Student Programs

Martin Mentors


The Martin Mentors are orientation leaders and mentors for a cohort of 10-13 first year Martin’s Scholars. Through this program the mentors will provide guidance on how to transition to college academically, socially and spiritually while providing insight on leadership opportunities on campus. Mentors will use a curriculum throughout the fall and spring semester that covers various topics such as time management, vocation and calling, spiritual strengths, and diversity through a Biblical lens.  Martin mentors are expected to be a part of the Orientation Leaders program and will participate in any additional training that is expected under the orientation program.


Mentor Training


Mentors will have a training session in April and two-day training session August 25-26, 2014. Throughout the school year there will monthly check in meetings with the Director and/or Assistant Director of the Martin & Amigo Scholarship Programs. Fall training will highlight the program expectations and goals and will include mentoring 101, study skills workshops, and a curriculum overview to use throughout the course of both fall and spring semesters. 


Mentor expectations


  • Commit to be part of program for the whole academic year 2014-15

  • Start online communication with the first year Martin cohort over the summer

  • Attend training sessions scheduled for April as well as August 26-27, 2014

  • Participate in the Orientation Leaders program

  • Attend weekly meetings with first year Martins throughout the school year

  • Have a one on one meeting with each member of the cohort twice a semester

  • Have monthly check in meetings with the Director and/or the Assistant Director of the Martin’s Program

Mentor Benefits


  • A $200.00 stipend at the end of each semester as long as all expectations are fulfilled

  • Leadership development training throughout the academic year

  • The joy of positively impacting the first year experience of an incoming student



Application Process and Selection Criteria


Preference will be given to the following students.


Minimum GPA of 2.8

Reference letter from mentor, educator or advisor

Commitment to the standards presented in the Community Covenant

Commitment to mentoring


Submit application form and reference form by 3/7/14.

Email to or drop off at Larsen 205