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Multicultural Student Programs

Martin Scholar Program


Martin 2013 cohort


The Martin’s Scholars Program seeks to develop students in the areas of academics, service, and leadership, in order to prepare for reconciliation in the church and society.


General Scholarship Program Requirements

  • Students who receive the Lloyd and Lois Martin Multicultural Scholarship must maintain at least a cumulative 2.5 GPA in their first year and at least a cumulative 3.0 GPA in subsequent years.

  • The scholarships are awarded once a year and begin in the fall semester. They are renewable for up to four years at Messiah College.

  • Students must complete ALL components of the program in any given year to maintain the scholarship.

  • Students must show continued involvement in leadership, service, or ministry at Messiah.

  • To graduate with the Martin’s Scholar Cord, students must successfully complete the program.

  • Students who lose the scholarship because of academics may remain in the program and graduate with Martin’s Scholar Cord as long as all other requirements are met.


First Year Martin Program Requirements

Martin’s Scholars will:

  • Engage in one mentoring relationship with a staff or faculty member.

  • Attend Fostering Scholarship, Leadership, & Reconciliation First Year Weekly Program

  • Attend all Martin’s program events.

  • Attend selected informational sessions that explore possibilities for service and leadership on campus.


Second, Third, and Fourth Year Martin’s Program Requirements

Martin’s Scholars will:

  • Attend all Martin’s program events.

  • Engage and maintain a mentoring relationship with a staff or faculty member.

  • Engage in leadership activity to shape campus culture and contribute to community engagement on reconciliation.

  • Volunteer 5 hours per year in an off-campus program. This requirement can be fulfilled through the Agape Center, the Collaboratory, or missions work.

  • Complete a reflection paper that speaks toward your work as a reconciler and the intersection of this work with your academic interests. This requirement can be fulfilled as an essay, spoken word, poetry, or song that can be shared at designated events, be submitted for publication, or shared at mix and mingle. (Students may submit this reflection junior or senior year.)


Other Program Requirements


  • Juniors and seniors will be encouraged to be mentors in the AMIGO Mentoring Program.

  • If planning to study abroad, the student must communicate with the Director of Multicultural Programs in a timely manner to determine how to fulfill yearly Martin’s expectations.

  • Students will be expected to respect the Messiah College community covenant and maintain good standing with the college by not being placed on academic or disciplinary probation or suspension.

Academic Difficulty


  • If a student is deemed to be in academic difficulty, he/she will meet with the Director of Multicultural Programs to identify a plan for success specific to him/her. Strategies may include, but are not limited to:

    • attend study hall sessions

    • meet regularly with educator mentor

    • use other academic resources on campus on a regular basis