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Multicultural Student Programs


Council 2013-14

Student Organizations


Multicultural Council

Student organizations whose missions are tied to the work of Multicultural Programs (MP) through their focus on racial, ethnic, and cultural celebration and reconciliation gather together to form a common Multicultural Council under the support and advisement of both MP and Student Government Association.


"It is the mission of the Messiah College Multicultural Council to serve the entire student body through our efforts to improve campus life for all ethnic minority students. We seek to bring unification amongst our organizations and knowledge of our cultures to the Messiah College Community. In all things we will uplift Jesus as the head of our council and the Body of Christ. We pursue love. We embrace unity. We uphold the value of our understanding and our differences."


Contact: Christina Thomas, Vice President of Diversity for the Student Government Association, and Chair of the Multicultural Council

Advisor: Scott Hwang




African Student Union (ASU)

This organization was established in order to emphasize the African community in Messiah: one part of Messiah's ever growing diversity. We intend for it to foster unity between fellow Africans on campus (and off campus) as well as with other students on campus. For those who hold leadership positions in the organization, it becomes a chance to fine-tune their leadership skills, as well as giving them the chance to share their visions for Africa's future.


Contact: Albert Mhangami , President


Advisors: Wanda Thuma-McDermond and David Dzaka





Asian Student Association (ASA)

The Asian Christian Fellowship seeks to teach the college community, and specifically those who relate to being Asian/Asian American, the foundations of the Bible within a culturally-sensitive context.


Contact: Bryan Ji Yang Leong, President

Advisor: Tim Ferret




Black Student Union (BSU)

This organization provides a venue for all interested students to learn about the realities affecting people in the black community both on campus and beyond.

BSU is committed to:Fostering an environment of self-awareness, Providing opportunities for students to engage in social, political, and educational forum, Providing opportunities to address issues affecting the Black community, and Promoting an environment of unity among black students and all members of our campus community.


Contact: Alaina Byers, President


Advisor: Cathy Coleman




International Student Association/MuKappa (ISA/MuKappa)

ISA/MuKappa aids international students and missionary kids in making cultural adjustments, and provides an on-going network of encouragement, fellowship, and understanding among its members. ISA/MuKappa also works at bring world awareness to the college community and to the community outside of Messiah College.


Contact: Varit Taifayongvichit, President

Advisor: Kevin Villegas





Justice and Racial Reconciliation in Society (J.A.R.R.S.) strives to promote equality through discussing white privilege and breaking racial barriers that divide our community.  We welcome all students regardless of their racial identity to actively participate in our group.


Contact: Brooke Strayer, President

Advisor: Kerrie Taylor






La Alianza Latina (LAL)

LAL explores the richness of Latino culture, offers a community for Hispanics/Latinos and those interested in Latino culture, serves the Latin community, and furthers interest in Latino culture through education, language, dance, service, and the Christian faith.


Contact: Gabriela Almeida , President

Advisor: Gladys Robalino