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Messiah College Virus Information Page

The purpose of this page is to equip you with the information that you need to keep your computer free of viruses. Included is a description of what you can do to protect yourself, and also some links to more information for those who want to know more. Go to the Recent Viruses page for information on the latest viruses and the threat they pose to Messiah College.

What is Messiah College Doing to Help Protect Networked Computers?

Messiah College is using virus protection software by Sophos. You can tell whether the software is installed if you see the blueish-gray shield icon in the Windows System Tray (typically the lower right corner of your screen where the time is displayed). If you do not see the Sophos shield, please contact Desktop Support (x. 4444).

You are able to scan your computer anytime you wish. The software will also constantly watch for viruses, instantly warning you when you try to use an infected floppy or program on your computer.

Sohpos is also installed in the general computer labs. The software will automatically watch for virues from floppies and attempt to repair them. "Attempt" means that some viruses can not be removed without destroying the file they have infected.

It is very important to note that no virus protection software package is 100% reliable. The companies writing protection software must continually react to new viruses, so there is always some amount of lag time between the discovery of a new virus and the upgrade of the protection software to detect the new virus. In practical terms this means that the best way to protect your computer is to use discretion. If you are not confident about what the email attachment is, even if you receive it from a supposedly reliable source, DO NOT attempt to view it!

How Can You Protect Your Home PC?

Although our policy clearly states that the college does not support your personal/home computer(s), we do make our antivirus software available to employees if they do not already have anti-virus software installed on their personal/home computer(s). Please contact Media Services to obtain a copy of the software so you can install it on your home PC.

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