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Personal Web Space for Employees and Students


All students and employees are given disk space on the network for storage of personal files (K: for students, O: for employees). Personal files can either be files of a personal nature or job related files that onewants to keep private. There is a special file folder called "web" within the personal drive. This folder is not private, but is publicly viewable by the entire world via the world wide web. Users who wish to have a personal web presence may place their web files there. Files and folders which are not placed into the "web" folder will be private.

Getting Started

The main page should be called index.html or home.html. The server also recognizes index.htm or home.htm, and some other extensions. Create your index.html file with Dreamweaver or any other program that can create HTML files. Save the index.html file to your web directory. If you do not have a web directory, contact the Helpdesk... it is a special directory and needs to be specially reated. (But you should already have one.) The URL for your page will be (substitute your email username).

Viewing Personal Web Pages

To view the files, point your web browser to, where "username" is your network username.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where is my K: Drive? I don't have one.
You only need the K: drive for accessing your department's web pages, provided that you have been given permission to modify those pages. To access your K: drive, run the "Connect Web Pages" icon in the Novell Application Launcher (NAL). This icon is found in the "Network Services" folder in NAL.This icon will make the letter K point to the correct folder for you.

2) What are the benefits of using the O: drive for my personal web pages?
First, all of your personal files into the same location -- the O: drive. This should be simplier for you to manage your private documents and your public web pages. For example, when you use FTP to access your files from a remote computer, you will see all of your personal files since they are all in the same location. Second, the location for your files is short and easy for you to tell your friends how to find your web pages. Third, employee personal web space is in a place similar to the space students use for their personal web pages. That is, everyone now has a "web" folder on their personal network drive. Fourth, everyone has been given a "web" folder without the need to request one. Thus, there are no delays in providing an employee with personal web space -- the space is already there.

3) How much space am I given?
Every employee starts with 50 megabytes of space on the O: drive. This space can be entirely used by personal web files, but is usually not since the O: drive is also used to store your personal documents and other files. The initial allocation has proven adequate for most people. With proper justification, additional space can be allocated.

4) If I do not want any personal web space, can I delete the "web" folder?
No. This is a special folder which is treated differently than other folders. If it is empty, it does not take up any space in your O: drive. Just remember not to place any files into the folder. Otherwise, it will be possible for anyone in the entire world to see them.

5) Does the college server support secure FTP (sFTP)?
Yes, we do currently support secure FTP connections. Although, for easier access ITS suggests using fucntionality within MCSquare when accessing files from off campus. Please see our help article about Off Campus Connecting for more information.


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