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Information for "Getting Started" in Messiah College's Computing Environment

Welcome to Messiah College! We have developed this page to help you get started using your computer and general software applications made available by the college. You will probably find someone in your department who can help answer most of your day to day software related questions. However, there may come a time when you find yourself in need of a higher level of technical assistance.

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides the following for our Faculty and Staff:


Becoming part of the Messiah's Online Community...

  • Messiah's campus wide portal is called "MCSquare". You can access email, the Intercom, training opportunities, activities on campus, etc. Consider MCSquare as your "town square" for the Messiah community. Within MCSquare you may also access the campus wide administrative package provided by SCT/Sungard called "Banner".


When you encounter a computer problem...

  • Contact the ITS Helpdesk by calling x.4444 or by emailing to create an ITS Service Request Ticket. The Helpdesk is your primary contact for help with software or network related questions, printing problems, network problems, computer problems, etc. If you have any questions or computing problems, contact Helpdesk FIRST.

When you need a way to communicate electronically...
  • Microsoft Outlook is at the core of Messiah's electronic communications. Outlook offers e-mail, calendar, task lists and more. If you do not have access to the Outlook client software, you can access your account via any web browser at Use your full Messiah College email address and network password to login to your account. Official communication between faculty and students should be done using Messiah's Outlook email system. FERPA laws require that a student's privacy be maintained and protected. By keeping communications on our own email system (and not sending it to email systems outside our jurisdiction), we can meet the requirements.

When you need access to software for your work...
  • Messiah College uses the Novell Application Launcher (NAL) to make network applications available to Windows computers on campus quickly and easily when logged into the college network. The Application Launcher allows users to keep up to date when the latest application software patch, upgrade or release is available. Windows 7 users will not see the Application Launcher on their computer, but may access the same files by going to Start >> Computer >> "MyApps". Mac computers are pre-configured with the applications necessary for typical Faculty / Staff needs. If you need additional applications, please email with pertinent information and rationale.

When you need a place to safely store your electronic files, documents, etc...
  • Faculty/Staff are strongly urged to store their data files (word processing documents, spreadsheet files, multimedia presentations, Internet bookmarks, etc.) in the appropriate network storage space; O: for personal data, M: for data to be available for sharing within your department (If you have been assigned a Mac computer, please read this). Saving your files to these network storage locations has several benefits, including regular backup of your data by our Networking staff and accessibility via your network credentials from any networked computer should you need quick access from a computer other than the one you have been assigned.

When you need software application training or instruction...
  • We offer regular technology sessions on an ongoing bais. Visit our HELP (Faculty/Staff) page in Sakai for a list of upcoming sessions. Be sure to review the Educational Technology materials we have there, as well.
  • Online resources. You will find many answers and helpful solutions by visiting the ITS Help Center section of our web site. This section provides information regarding commonly used software applications and equipment at Messiah College.

Note: If you require "one on one" or job specific training needs (i.e. how to use the applications necessary for your daily work assignments) please contact your department supervisor. Each department is responsible for instructing their employees how to use the tools necessary for carrying out their assigned duties.


When you need to connect your laptop, iDevice or Smart Phone to our network...

  • ITS provides configuration information for connecting your mobile device(s) to our network (you will need to provide your network credentials). Click on the appropriate link for instructions for Windows, Mac OS X, and mobile devices.


When you need a place for your home page...


IT Security and Policies you need to know...

  • In a computerized setting, there are times you will be dealing with sensitive data. It is important that you know IT Security and Policy during your time at Messiah College.


Learning Technology Services (LTS)

  • Learning Technology Services (LTS) provides Messiah College faculty, employees, and students with consulting, innovative and support services related to many technologies, and media production. Technology sessions are offered on an ongoing basis. In addition, LTS provides faculty members with copyright clearance services for academic materials posted in the online environment or copied in print format, coursepack design, test scoring services, faculty job pick-up/drop-off location for College Press, document typing/proofreading, and a variety of additional services available upon request. Please contact an LTS representative for additional information.




Have technology issues and need help???


  • Helpdesk support is available during normal business hours (M-F, 8am-5pm, EST) by calling x.4444 or email Off campus, call (717) 796-4444.

  • Emergency "After Hours" Classroom and Distance Learning support is available by calling x4444 (M-F, 7am-11pm, EST / Weekends and holidays, 8am-11pm, EST). Off campus, call (717) 796-4444.

  • Computer Labs: If you are having an issue in computer lab, contact the Classroom helpline, x.2222

  • ITS Help Center website

  • ITS Blog

  • "Help (Faculty/Staff)" web page in Sakai


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