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Understanding the Novell Application Launcher (NAL)

Messiah College uses Novell's Application Launcher to make network applications available to PCs on campus. The Application Launcher allows users to keep up to date when the latest software patch, upgrade or release is available. This page will attempt to inform the NAL user of some features they can control.

Controlling the NAL window view

There are two possible window views you can use in NAL. You can control which view you see each time NAL is launched by selecting your preference from the "View" menu item...

The first, which is the application's default, is the "Folder" view (top left image).

It is also possible to turn off the folder view and see only the application icons (lower left image).

Finally, you have the option of changing the appearance of the icons in your window.

Viewing Specific Folders

It is also possible to view the contents of a specific folder. This can be useful if you use a particular type of application and do not wish to see all the applications which are available in NAL.

Opening an Application for the First Time (Installing a Program)

The first time you select any of the applications, you will be asked to confirm whether you want to install the application. Typically, you do!

IMPORTANT: Be sure to close all other Windows applications prior to installing any application. This may require you to respond "No" so you can close other applications. You can then return to NAL and start the installation procedure again.

If you choose to install the application and you have closed all other Windows applications, an installation progress screen will appear. Depending on the size of the application and the speed of your computer, it could take several minutes to completely install an application.

Frequently, after you have installed an application you will need to reboot your PC to complete the set up.

After the new application has been installed, you will be able to click on its icon in NAL and launch the application.

Verifying an Application

Sometimes you may encounter difficulties with one of your NAL applications or a patch or upgrade will be made available by Network Services. In such instances, you can "Verify" your application to begin "reinstalling" the application.

Occasionally, verifying an application will restore lost or damaged files the application needs in order to function (although not in every case).

Please be aware that verifying an application will typically reset the application to its default configuration. In other words, if you have changed an application's default folder for saving files, for example, the O: drive, you will need to go back into the application after you have verified it and change your folder settings accordingly.


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