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Connecting to the College VPN with a Mac

The VPN (virtual private network) creates an encrypted connection across the Internet from your home or other remote location to the campus network. The connection is made through a third-party Internet Service Provider (e.g. Comcast or Verizon DSL). This encrypted connection allows you to access Messiah's network from a remote location and perform many of the same functions that are available to you when on campus.


These instructions are valid if you have the Mac Operating System (Mac OSX 10.8 not yet supported). For the Windows Operating System click HERE. For other questions, contact the Helpdesk.


SSL VPN Instructions (Mac Users)


>>>Click HERE to download the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client to your computer.

Launch the CiscoAnyConnect.dmg file to mount the drive.



Open the vpn volume icon to reveal the dmg file.Double click on the AnyConnect.dmg file to begin the installation process.



Notification that you are about to install software, click Continue




Accept and agree to the license agreement..



Accept the default installation location, type your password and allow the software to install...



Go to your Applications Folder and look for the "Cisco" folder. In the folder you will see the icon to launch the Cisco Anyconnect client software...


You will be presented with the configuration screen. On this screen, type in the "Connect to:" field and press the "Select" button.




Provide your network account credentials (username, password) and press "Connect".



In a few moments your VPN connection will be established and the connection status icon will appear at the top of your screen.


Not Connected


Please be aware that if your VPN connection is idle for an extended period of time your VPN connection will be terminated (you may notice that you no longer have access to network drives or programs). If this happens, you will need to reintiate the connection by clicking on the connection status icon (shown above) and selecting "Connect" from the pop up menu.

To disconnect from your VPN connection, right-click the icon and choose "Quit".





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