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Accessing your files via Secure FTP


A Secure File-Transfer-Protocol (SFTP) server is now available for accessing network files remotely. You may be aware of our FTP server ( as described in our Help Center here and here. This FTP server has been available for many years, but this server did not support secure operation. Regular FTP is vulnerable to “packet sniffing,” where a malicious user on the network monitors network traffic, hoping to pick up a password or some other useful information. “Secure FTP” uses encryption to prevent eavesdroppers from picking up the password.


To use the new Secure FTP server:


  1. You need an FTP client that supports SFTP, sometimes called “Secure FTP” or “SSH FTP”. This is NOT the same thing as FTPS (sometimes called “FTP Secure” or “FTP over SSL”).
  2. When setting up the connection use a hostname of, along with your normal Messiah username and password.
  3. Use one of the following remote paths to access your files:

For employee home directories use /users/yourusername
For student home directories use /students/yourusername
For departmental files use /dept
For class/instructor files use /class
For the Messiah webserver use /mcweb/messiahweb/docs



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