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Outlook: Delegate Access - (Step 3) - Creating an Additional Mailboxes on the Delegate's Computer



Many departments have shared mailboxes. This means that folders such as the Inbox, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks may be accessible to some or all the members of your department.  Once access permissions have been set up in the master account you are then able to add the master account to your own Navigation Pane so that you have quick easy access to it. These instructions will allow the Delegate the see the master account on their own computer, once it has been granted to them (If Delegate access has not been granted, it is neccessary for Step 1 and Step 2 to be completed from within the master account before completing this step)


Adding additional mailboxes

1. Click File tab | Info | Account Settings | Account Settings... The Account Settings dialog box will pop up

Account Settings

2. Double click on your account...  The Change Account dialog box will appear

Account Settings


3. Click on More Settings...

Change Account settings


4.  Select the Advanced tab and then click on Add



5.  Enter the full email address of the additional mailbox into the Add mailbox field and click on OK.

  Add mailbox The additional mailbox has now been added

6. Click on Next at the bottom of the window.


7. Click on Finish.  The additional mailbox has now been added to the Navigation Pane.


New mailbox

Viewing different mailboxes in Outlook Web App (Outlook Mail via your web browser)


You are able to view your shared mailboxes from Outlook Web Access. 

To view a different mailbox in Web Access:
1. From the Outlook Mailbox Viewer, click in the Address Bar.

2. Enter the name of the shared mailbox you wish to view into the Address Bar and press the Enter key.


3. The Outlook Mailbox View will now display the shared mailbox.


4. When you have finished working with the shared mailbox, click on the Log Off button.

Log off



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