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Outlook: Manually Creating an Email Profile in Outlook


Outlook: Manually Creating an Email Profile in Outlook 2010. You may need to follow these steps if you experience problems with your account not updating email, etc.

To create a new profile:


  1. Click on the Start button and then on Control Panel and you should see a window similar to the image below.

    (NOTE: if you are using Windows 7 and your Control Panel, does not appear similar to below, locate the "View by:" field in the upper right of the Control Panel window and change the value to Large icons or Small icons).


  1. Click Mail and then Show Profiles



  1. Click Add…. The New Profile box will pop up

  2. You can type in the email account address you want to give access from and click ok. (in the example below we are using the name "


Note: If you receive an error message stating "Information service not installed on your comouter", simply cancel the process and try going to Start >> Control Panel >> Mail >> Show Profiles and see if the profile you created shows up. We have seen this and going back in typically allows you to complete the process.


  1. The Add New Account wizard will come up.  Fill in the following and then click Next:
    • Email Name
    • Email address
    • Password
    • Retype Password


  1. A small login window will pop up where you will need to provide the same password you used above.  When it is Finished, click Finish.

  2. When you return to the screen (below), you will want to select the value "Always use this profile", and then choose the Profile you want to use from the drop down field. You may also want to remove your Novell GroupWise profile at this point in order to avoid confusion.

  3. Click "Apply", then, "OK". You can now launch Outlook to access your account.

Do you need to allow Delegate access to an account so it is shared with others?

If you would like to enable Delegate access, so others can access your account, please complete the "Shared Mailbox Request Form" and our Networking staff will configure that access at the server level.





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