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Outlook: Mobile Device Setup - Home

We have found iDevices to, typically, be very user-friendly and easy to configure with our network/email system and highly recommend them.
·  Outlook: Mobile Device Setup – iPhone/iPad/iPod
·  Outlook: Mobile Device Setup - iPhone/iPad/iPod Password Lock

Android based mobile devices are a popular alternative to Apple's iDevices. We have found, however, because device manufacturer's are able to customize the Android experience on their devices, configuring them to interact with our network/email system can sometime be problematic.
·  Outlook: Mobile Device Setup - Android
·  Outlook: Mobile Device Setup - Android Password Lock

Windows Phone 7
We have not had much first-hand experience with configuring Windows mobile devices nor have we heard of many problems encountered by users in attempting to configure them.
·  Outlook: Mobile Device Setup - Windows 7 Phone
·  Outlook: Mobile Device Setup - Windows 7 Phone Password Lock


Please be aware we have found Blackberry phones tend to be more problematic than other brands for handling email and calendar. We urge you to take this into consideration when choosing a mobile device.

·  Outlook: Mobile Device Setup - Blackberry
·  Outlook: Mobile Device Setup - Blackberry Password Lock

All other Mobile Devices
Please go to this link to find your specific mobile device setup instructions



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