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Outlook: Sending Email from a Departmental Mailbox

In Outlook, you can change the "From:" field of an email message, hiding your name and making it appear as if your departmental mailbox is sending the message. To do so, you must first have Send As permissions for your departmental account. If these permissions are not enabled, contact the ITS Helpdesk x. 4444.


To send mail from your departmental mailbox:

  1. Open Outlook and compose a new mail message.

  2. In the new message window, from the View menu, select From Field.

  3. In the "From..." field, enter the name of your department. Then, compose and send your message as you would normally.

Once you add the "From:" field to a message, it will appear in each new message you create. To disable the "From:" field, simply repeat the steps above and deselect From Field or From.

The sent message will be stored in your Sent Items folder, not in the departmental Sent Items folder. To move the sent message to your department's Sent Items folder, first open your department's mailbox in your folder list. Then, drag the sent message from your Sent Items folder to your department's Sent Items folder.



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