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Outlook: Voting Buttons

It is possible to send out an e-mail which has voting buttons on it (e.g. to select an entree for a Bar-B-Q) as the people make their choices the results are automatically tallied in your copy of the e-mail in your Sent Items folder (or whatever folder you leave the message in).

  1. Compose a new e-mail message in Outlook

  2. On the Options Ribbon, click on Use Voting Buttons.

  3. The words "Approve; Reject" appear in the pull down menu. If you click on the menu you'll see the other standard choices. You can use any of these or write your own buttons by clicking on Custom. Just be sure to separate them by semi-colons;

  4. In the lower part of the screen you may also want to change where the outgoing e-mail will be saved as you'll be using this message to tally the responses (but this is not necessary);

  5. Press the Close button;

  6. Send your message as usual.

You'll notice the replies will arrive in your Inbox. To see the voting results open the message you sent (remember... you might have changed the location from the default of Sent Items). Open the message and look at the Tracking tab to view the current vote status.



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