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Phone Infrastructure

ITS operates Messiah College’s approximately 3,400 extension campuswide voice network and provides services including individual and departmental voicemail systems, call processing, and operator services.

The College is served by a Siemens 300H telephone switch in Grantham and a Rolm 9751 Model 10 in Philadelphia providing a combination of CO’s, PRI, ISDN, T1's, for nearly 200 lines of service with our voice vendors.

The Siemens and Rolm telephone switches provide many line and calling features and works with various telephone sets to provide a comprehensive telephony service. Long distance calling is provided using an automatic call routing system which ensures that all calls are routed via the most economical route available.

Messiah College also uses networked Rolm PhoneMail systems to provide voicemail to faculty, staff and students located on Grantham, Philadelphia and Harrisburg campuses.

In addition to overseeing the telephone switches, ITS also oversees:

  • Communications infrastructure for voice and data systems
  • Blackboard Transaction Services (BBTS) one card hardware and electronics systems. This comprises of over 200 card security readers, 8 Laundry, 10 Point of sale, 12 vending and 15 portable power sustaining card access carts
  • Video conferencing units for distance learning and other venues
  • All college owned cellular services

Life Safety Responsibilities
Maintains the complete hardware and infrastructure connectivity and is the first responder for the following equipment:
  • Security Door Access
  • Emergency phones/call boxes
  • Fire alarm panel notification to the Department of Safety
  • Critical system notifications to Dispatch
  • Security Cameras
  • PA. One call systems for communications infrastructure
  • TDD systems


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iMessiah - Messiah College App


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