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How to Uninstall Wireless Management Software

For Windows XP computers, ITS recommends using Windows XP to manage the wireless connection, rather than the other software that wireless drivers often include. This page describes how to disable the wireless management software that often comes bundled with wireless drivers, and interferes with the built-in Windows XP wireless software.

The procedure depends on what management software you have installed. Below are the procedures for some of the packages we know about.


Broadcom Wireless

  1. Open Control Panel -> Broadcom Wireless Utility.

  2. Uncheck Let this tool manage your wireless settings.


Dell Wireless WLAN

  1. Open Control Panel -> Wireless Configuration Utility

  2. On Wireless Networks tab, uncheck Let this tool manage your wireless networks.
  3. Click OK.


IBM Thinkvantage

  1. Select Thinkvantage Access Connections (from system tray).
  2. Click Modify WLAN Settings.
  3. Select the Wireless settings tab.
  4. Change Wireless security type to Use Windows to Configure Wireless Network.


Intel PROset Wireless

  1. Open the Intel Proset wireless management software (usually found in the Start Menu or the system tray).
  2. Depending on which variant you have:
    • From the Tools menu, select Use Microsoft client.
    • -OR- From the Advanced menu, select Use Windows to manage Wifi.
  3. Close the Intel software.


Linksys PCMCIA Wireless Adapter

  1. Uninstall Wireless G Notebook Adapter from Add/Remove Programs.
  2. Remove the PCMCIA card.
  3. Insert the PCMCIA card. When prompted for a driver, have Windows automatically select a driver.
  4. If that doesn't work, go to Download the driver for your card and install it.



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