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Improving Your PCs Performance with Disk Defragmenter

You may not realize it, but one of Windows' most valuable performance maintenance tool is only a mouse-click away. Disk Defragmenter helps keep your Windows operating system in the best shape possible. Many trade magazines and support resources recommend running Disk Defragmenter in order to maintain optimal PC performance.

Your hard drive is an electronic file system; in many ways it is similar to a paper file system. Over time, you add to and remove from folders on your hard drive, just as you would a physical filing cabinet. Of course, we all know that filing cabinets, especially ones that are used a lot, need regular reorganization or else it can take much longer than necessary to find what you're looking for. Your computer's hard drive isn't much different. Daily adding, deleting, moving, etc. of files and folders on your hard drive eventually result in a messy "electronic filing cabinet." What previously took only a couple seconds for an application to locate or save, now takes what seems like minutes. Disk Defragmenter is your "personal assistant"; ready to put your files back in order when you need it!

In Windows XP you can access Disk Defragmenter by going to...

  >> All Programs 
         >> Accessories 
                >> System Tools
                       >> Disk Defragmenter. 

Once the Disk Defragmenter window is open, simply click on the Defragment button.


When Disk Defragmenter is finished, simply acknowledge the message to close it.

Please note: Disk Defragmenter may take half an hour or more to complete depending on the amount of data on your hard drive and the amount of fragmented data. If this is the first time you have run Disk Defragmenter, or you have not run it in a long time, it will take longer to finish. If you run Disk Defragmenter regularly, it will take less time to defragment your hard drive.



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