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Video Download and Upload Instructions


Video Download Procedure (video recorder to computer)

These instructions are intended to be basic procedures for getting video files off of your camera. Instructions for uploading your files from your camera to the Video Server can be found at the bottom of this page.


STEP 1: Begin by inserting the USB connection from the camera into your USB port on your computer. You may need a USB extension cord, and once you have plugged in, you may see the icon show up in your Devices window.


STEP 2: We recommend creating a new folder on your Desktop for your video transfer files. To do this, right-click on your desktop and select New -> Folder.
STEP 3: Once the folder has been created, rename the folder to something you will remember, such as “Messiah Videos”. Do not just leave the folder called “New folder.”

STEP 4: Access your external device and look for icons that include a small thumbnail preview of your video file. Typically they will have an “.MP4” extension on the end of the file.


Windows users: Open "Computer" (My Computer in pre-Windows 7) and double-click on the icon for your extermal device to locate your video file(s).


Mac users: Launch Finder and look under "Devices" for your external device and select it to locate your video file(s).


STEP 5: Find the file and/or files that you wish to copy over.
STEP 6: Drag the file over to your new folder. I called my folder Messiah Videos.


That’s it! Your videos are now on your computer so that you can upload them to our media server, or save them for later. As always, feel free to email with any questions or comments.



Video Upload Procedure Using Ensemble Video


Once you have saved your video to your computer, go to in your web browser. You will be required to login with your Messiah College credentials.




You will be taken to a Media Library page that resembles the following...




Uploading your video file


1. Click the "add" button  near the upper right of your Media Library screen.



2. Fill in the Title and anything else you want.  Then click "Continue"....



3. On the next page, click , locate your file on your computer and click "Open"; your file will be added to the uploader queue. 



4. Click "Start Upload". IMPORTANT!!! - Depending on the size of your video, this step could take 15 minutes or more! Do NOT proceed or leave this page until Ensemble shows "File Ready". Moving forward before the upload has finished will result in your video not being uploaded.



5. Click "Save & Continue"


6. Accept the defaults on the next screen and Click "Save and Publish".




Sharing your video through your Canvas Assignment


1. Click on the assignment in Canvas.


2. Find the video you uploaded on a screen that looks similar to the following... 



3. Click on the desired video; it will open in a separate window.


4. Click the word "Embed" and copy everything in the Embed text box. 



5. In your Canvas class, find the correct assignment and click on "Submit Assignment". 


6. Click the "HTML Editor" link.


7. In the "Text Entry" box, Paste the code that you copied. 


8. Click on "Submit Assignment" to complete the process.









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