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Windows Vista WPA Setup

Before following this guide, be sure that any third-party wireless configuration utilities are disabled (Dell Wireless is a common one). An easy way to check if one of these utilities is enabled is to click on the network icon on the right part of the task-bar, then click 'Connect to a network.' A list of available networks will appear. If the list is empty, ensure that your wireless switch (either a switch on your laptop or a keyboard shortcut like Fn + F2) is turned on. Refresh the list as necessary. If networks are still unavailable, it is likely that you have a third-party utility enabled.

If you need help with any part of this process, please don't hesitate to call Student Computer Services at x3333.

1. Open the control panel (under start).
2. a. If under category view, click 'View network status and tasks' (under Network and Internet).
b. If under classic view, click 'Network and Sharing Center.'
3. Click the 'Set up a connection or network' link on the left.
4. Click on 'Manually connect to a wireless network'
5. a. Type 'MC-WPA' as the Network Name
b. Select 'WPA-Enterprise' as the Security type
c. Make sure 'TKIP' is selected as the Encryption Type

6. Click 'Next.'
7. Choose 'Change connection settings'

8. Check only 'Connect automatically when this network is in range'
9. Click the Security tab

10. Make sure 'Protected EAP (PEAP)' is selected as the network authentication method.
11. Click 'Settings...'

12. a. Un-check 'Validate server certificate.'
b. Make sure 'Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)' as the authentication method
13. Click 'Configure...'

14. Uncheck the 'Automatically use my Windows login name and password' option.
15. Click 'OK' three times

16. Click 'Connect to...'
17. Double-click 'MC-WPA'
18. Click 'Enter/select additional log on information.
19. Enter your Messiah College user name and password in the appropriate fields
20. Leave the Domain field blank!
21. Click OK.

22. When the dialog box says 'Successfully connected to MC-WPA' you are finished!

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