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Outlook: Mobile Device Setup - Windows Phone Password Lock


To set a four-digit password lock for Windows Phone 7, do the following:

  1. Press the right arrow button on the home screen to view the app list.
  2. Press Settings.
  3. Press lock & wallpaper.
  4. The screen time-out is set to one minute by default. You may select a different time-out if you wish.
    • The screen time-out is the amount of time it takes for your screen to lock after you stop using it. After that time, you must enter the four-digit password to unlock the screen.
  5. Change Password to On.
  6. Enter a four-digit password in the New password field.
  7. Enter your four-digit password again in the Confirm password field.
  8. Press done.

Your device now requires your four-digit password to unlock it. You must enter your password when you turn on the device or press the Unlock button. Windows Phone 7 does not require you to enter your four-digit password to answer calls or make emergency calls. You must enter your four-digit password to make normal calls.



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