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Wireless Network Access

Accessing Messiah's Wireless Network


The wireless network is available in all major campus buildings using the “G” standard.  Starting in 2011, some buildings have started the process of upgrading to the newest “N” standard which promises less radio interference and higher speeds.  To take full advantage of “N”, you will need a notebook or wireless adapter that supports “DUAL BAND N” or “5GHZ N”.  Devices that only support “G” or “N” or “2.4GHZ N” will continue to operate using the lower speed “G” standard.


Access Points

NOTE: Non college owned wireless access points or routers are NOT permitted on campus.  The reason is that they will interfere with the college system causing problems for others.  If there seems to be a signal problem, please report the location information to SCS at x3333. 


How to connect

There are two Messiah wireless networks available for computer users:


MC-Open: This is an unencrypted connection.  The positive aspect is that it is easy to connect.  After connecting, a web page will request your Messiah username and password for authentication.  The negative is that others can listen in to your radio signal and watch what you are doing.  For this reason, some activities are restricted when using MC-Open and we strongly recommend using MC-WPA.


MC-WPA: This is the encrypted network and the one we recommend.  While it takes more steps to get connected initially, your network activity is protected from snooping.   For instructions, see the Wireless Configuration page.


Getting Help


Contact Student Computer Services at ext. 3333.


Contact ITS at ext. 4444.

Guest Speakers

Contact Student Computer Services at ext. 3333.

Conference Guests

Contact Conference Services at ext. 6009.


Wireless access is not available.

Community Patrons

Wireless access is not available.




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iMessiah - Messiah College App


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