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Computer Lab Rules

  • NEVER BRING ANY FOOD OR DRINK INTO ANY LAB. You are liable for any damage you have caused to equipment due to spillage or other abuses.

  • Paper with SELF-STICK LABELS designed for mass mailing may NOT be used with the lab printers. The labels tend to stick under the carriage, rendering the printer unusable.

  • Do not remove printer paper which has been supplied by Information Technology Services. Special paper and transparencies may be purchased from the college bookstore

  • Laser printers and other special printers will be maintained by Lab Proctors and other qualified employees. If there is a printer problem, look for assistance. Do not try to fix it yourself. Call x3333 for help.

  • Never do anything which will potentially damage the equipment, such as using faulty floppy diskettes.

  • Any software purchased by Messiah College may not be copied by any student. Software purchased by Messiah College may not be used on any machine which is not presently owned by the college. It is illegal to copy software which someone else has purchased. Students found copying software will be dealt with accordingly. See the Messiah College Piracy Policy (located on ITS channel in MCSquare).

  • No software may be installed on either local or network drives without the permission of the manager in charge of the equipment. (Berte Thompson, x. 2560) This includes educational software as well as games.

  • Do not run any software you find installed on lab computers which was not installed by the college. Software installed by the college will be accessible from a menu or an icon.

  • Do not leave your computer unattended. Lab Proctors are instructed to exit any programs left running without an operator.

  • Music may not be played at any sound level which is audible to any other person in the lab. If you are listening to music, you must be wearing headphones and have the volume adjusted so others can not hear the sound.

  • People using the labs are responsible for keeping these areas neat and presentable. Please clean up the area around your work station before you leave. Place all unwanted paper into the trash cans or place them neatly (flat and folded at the perforations) into the recycling box.


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