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Reserving A Lab (Faculty and Staff)

General Policies:

  • Labs with a Teacher's Station can be reserved for hands-on class instruction. Any use of a computer lab to hold class must be scheduled in advance. All lab reservations will be coordinated through the Assistant to the Chief Information Officer (Sandy Kline, x7100). Berte Thompson is responsible for monitoring usage load in the labs, and has the authority to make exceptions to the normal lab scheduling policy. Requests for reconsideration of any decision made by the Director, Academic Technology should be presented to the Chief Information Officer. Note: The respective departments' coordinators will schedule the department-specific labs. J374 is reserved by the Natural Science Department.

  • Each instructor will be limited to one class period per week per course section. All reservations must be made one week in advance. In January, instructors may reserve two hours per week per course section.

  • Anyone who is in a lab when a scheduled class period begins is expected to leave. Exceptions can be made by the instructor, but this practice is generally not to be encouraged. Students need to be reminded to check the schedules posted on each lab door so that they will know when they must leave to make way for an incoming class.

  • Labs with a Teacher's Station can be reserved for hands-on class instruction. Click here to see a comprehensive list of classrooms with a Teacher's Station.


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