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Reserving a Computer (Student)

You are not required to reserve a computer. However, when the computer lab usage becomes very heavy, you may find it convenient to reserve a computer for your use. Before reserving a time slot, check the reservation schedule posted on the outside of the lab door to be sure you do not reserve a computer whenever there is an instructor using the lab for a course. Then, use the sign-up notebook on the table in the lab to reserve yourself a computer. If someone is using the computer when you have it reserved, let them know that you have it reserved and ask them to move to another computer. If you are asked to move because someone else has reserved the computer you are using, then please save your work and move to another computer quickly.

Specific Rules:
  1. You are not required to reserve a computer.
  2. You may not reserve a computer which is currently in use. You must sign up for a time which is least two hours later than the current time.
  3. The longest consecutive time block you may reserve is two hours. You must allow at least two hours between your reservation times to allow others to have access to the computer.
  4. You can reserve as much as six hours per day.



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