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Due to the computer virus problem that plagues desktop computers, Messiah College has a policy that requires all computers connected to the college network to have updated antivirus protection. Starting for Fall 2005, this policy will be enforced by an automated check of your computer before Internet access is allowed. The check will be done by a very small program that will be installed via a web page. This will happen either during the computer registration process or when you access the Internet. You will be guided through the process via a series of web pages that will explain what is happening.

graphic Click here for more information about the screens you may see. The check will verify that you have updated antivirus protection and updated Windows patches. Both are required to reduce the virus infection potential of your computer. If one or both of these are not in place, the computer can be easily infected by other computers. This can happen within seconds of plugging into a network. Not only would it cause a lot of grief for you, but depending on the virus, can cause disruptions for others as well. If you do not have an antivirus program for your computer, don't worry. The Messiah College ITS department will provide you with AVG Antivirus free of charge. Bring your computer to Student Computer Services office, in Fry residence, when you get to campus, and we will take care of you. Computers which are not compliant with the software updates will not be permitted to use the network for Internet access or other uses.

This new approach is complicated, and will undoubtedly cause problems with some computers. We feel strongly, however, that we must continue to increase our level of diligence in protecting our network, given the increasing severity of the threats that we face. ITS will work as hard as possible to resolve as quickly as possible any problems you may have when you try to connect to the network this fall.


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