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Security Scan Screens

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graphicWelcome Screen

After registration, you will see a welcome screen. A link will be provided if you need to review the computing access policy. The welcome screen allows you to accept or not accept the policy. You will need to accept the policy to be allowed to access the network. If you accept the policy, a small program will be downloaded to your computer. You will need to run this program. It will scan your computer to see if you have a configuration which adheres to the college's I.T. policies.
arrow pointing rightClick here to see a graphic of the welcome screen.
arrow pointing rightClick here for a text version of the welcome screen .
arrow pointing rightClick here to see our acceptable use policy, the Computing Access Policy(Located on the ITS channel in MCSquare.

graphicCompliance Failure Screens

Whenever your computer is found to be out of compliance with our policy, a screen will appear to tell you the nature of the compliance failure. You will also be instructed on how to correct the problem. Here are a couple of sample screens.

arrow pointing rightClick here to see a graphic of the Windows Update Service compliance failure screen.

arrow pointing rightClick here to see a graphic of the Antivirus Software compliance failure screen.



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