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Fair Use Guidelines

Appropriate guidelines need to be followed when requesting "off-air" TV broadcasts. The term "off-air" refers to any television signal that can be received via an external antenna. We are not allowed to record any programming that must be received via cable or a satellite dish, unless the copyrights have been purchased. All "off-air" broadcast recordings are done in compliance with the "Fair Use" guidelines of the U.S. copyright laws. The "Fair Use" guidelines give authorization for instructional use within 15 days of the recording with no more than two showings. An additional 30 days is authorized for the instructor to view and access the program. After this 45 day period the tape must be erased or the copyrights purchased. The following stations are considered "off-air" accessible in our local area: WHP-TV Channel 21 (CBS), WHTM-TV Channel 27 (ABC), WGAL-TV Channel 8 (NBC), WPMT-TV Channel 43 (FOX), WITF-TV Channel 33 (PBS), WLYH-TV Channel15 (UPN) and, with special permission, CNN.


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