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Information Technology Services


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What We Offer

Office Services

Recording equipment

Equipment Reservations

  • To reserve audio or video equipment (including camcorders and portable CD players), please contact Lew Gladfelter (x6033) one week before your scheduled event.
  • Overhead projectors, VCRs and TVs are assigned to many classrooms. Other equipment, including slide projectors, are housed in a central location in each building. These satellite centers (equipment storage areas) are designed for self-service. Keys must be requested through the office of the Academic Dean.
  • Technical support for media equipment is available at x6033.
  • Please call Media Services with questions concerning classrooms with special electronic equipment, such as Crestron contollers, projectors, video playback, etc..
videos on shelves

Video Tape / DVD Library

  • There are over 9,000 titles in the Murray Library collection, which is housed in the Media Services office. Lew Gladfelter (x6033) will book college-owned titles (or rent from outside vendors titles that are not part of the Library collection) for faculty use.
  • Sourcebooks that list videotapes not available in the Murray Library collection are available in the Media Services office. Please submit a Rental Request Form (available in the office) well in advance of your scheduled event. Lew Gladfelter will notify you by Campus Mail when a videotape arrives.
  • Booked videotapes should be picked up and returned at the Media Services Office. A videotape drop box is located outside the office for returns after office hours.
  • Videotapes may be viewed in the Screening Room, which is located on the lower level of the Murray Library.
tape duplicator

Other Services

  • Lamination, Signs and Labels
  • Overhead Transparencies
  • Audio Cassette Duplication

Cable Services

satellite dish

Cable Television Support and Information

  • Contact Rick Bentz (x3848) with questions concerning Messiah College's cable television system. For emergency calls, use x5903.

Audio/Television Production

video editing console

Audio/Video Editing

  • Industrial quality video production services, including shooting, editing, titles and a production music library are available for students, faculty and staff.
  • Contact Dennis Hose (x3830) at least two weeks in advance to schedule production work. Video production/editing during Media Services regular hours (8 AM - 5 PM) is $15.00 per hour plus tape cost. After regular hours, production/editing is $30.00 per hour.


  • Sub-channeling for large academic events is provided with a minimum notice of 10 business days. Please call Ricky Bentz at ext. 3848 for costs and requirements.
video tapes

Tape Duplication

  • Video duplication service are available for students, faculty and staff.
  • Videotapes and DVD-R may be duplicated (no editing) from S-VHS, VHS , VHS-C, 8mm, Digitial 8mm, mini-DV, and DVCPro masters at $2.50 per duplicate plus tape/DVD-R cost Contact Dennis Hose (x3830) with questions.

Off-air Recording

  • Off-air recording is available on a limited basis to faculty. See our "Fair Use" guidelines for more information.


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Reserve Equipment