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How do I transfer my AT&T college account to my AT&T personal account?

1) Call 888-444-4410 and follow the ivr prompts pressing 2 then 5 and then entering in their mobile number. They will be asked for their foundation account number (fan) which is 69965 - this is the employee discount code which should be added to their personal account. If for any reason they need to verify the cru(corporate) fan it is 69962 - this fan has notes on it for the customer service rep advising that all transfers are authorized and that their should be no transfer or activation fee's charged.

2) They will then get a live person and user should advise them that they are calling to transfer their service to personal liability and that authorization has already been given from Messiah releasing the numbers.

3) They will be asked for their name, home address, SSN, Date of Birth and drivers license number for a credit check. 4) If they need to upgrade their phone they can do that right over the phone as well.

Need more help? See the AT&T account transfer documentation

How do I transfer my AT&T college account to another provider?

If you are looking to switch to a provider other than AT&T, please contact the service provider directly either by calling or stopping into one of their stores.

How do I "port" my number to another provider?

Contact the other provider and ask how to begin the process of porting your current number from the AT&T plan to that specific service provider. (Remember all college numbers are released to you for Transfer of service)


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