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A unique opportunity to hold on-campus internships centering on educational technology in a liberal and applied arts setting.

  • This highly selective program seeks outstanding leaders and provides experiential learning in an academic setting. Students will build critical thinking, analytical reasoning, problem solving, and communication skills throughout the internship.
  • Students will apply for an Internship that interests them. When appointed, interns can customize the experience to complement their academic and professional goals. Training is provided.
  • Professional development is provided multiple times throughout the year. Students in the program are required to attend 2 professional development experiences a semester.
  • Students will exit the program with an ePortfolio that showcases their work and personal reflections related to experiences within the program.
  • Hours worked are determined by credit load.

Application Process

Interested applicants should email the following information to Susan Shannon,

  1. Letters of reference from two Messiah College employees (staff/faculty)
  2. Evidence of interest in and desire to actively participate in a position that meets a current need within the department

    Recent positions include:

    • Research Associate
      • Students will collect, organize and present information related to new technologies and helpdesk records in order to provide continued up-to-date information to the department
    • Training/Professional Development Associate
      • Students will assist in the design, development and communication necessary for training and professional development across campus.
    • Channel 13 Executive Producer
      • Students will effectively communicate with others on campus to develop programming and promotion for Channel 13.

Invitations for personal interviews are extended to those who best fit the selection criteria and current needs within the department.




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