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Problem Report Form

Please Read The Following Information Before Completing a Problem Report:

A number of the problems that are being addressed by ITS seem to stem from confusion relating to the network-jacks available in each residence hall room or apartment OR difficulty in receiving email. In order to provide better support, ITS has provided the following guides to solve many common problems:


  • Telephone cables WILL NOT WORK with the network-jack. You must purchase a network (ethernet) cable, available in the bookstore.
  • There is only ONE active network-jack in EACH BEDROOM. The living room (if you have one) does not contain a network jack.
  • The active network-jack is NOT directly next to where your phone is plugged in.
  • The active network-jack may be labeled DATA or NETWORK.


  • Each student email account has a limit as to the amount of space their messages may occupy on the mail server. If you are not able to receive new messages, but can send messages, then you have reached your quota for space. Simply remove any unneeded messages, and you should then begin receiving new ones.
  • If you can not login or you forgot your password, you can call x3333 or stop into Student Computer Services in Hoffman building and we will change your password on the spot provided you have your Student ID card.

If the above information does not address your question, please fill in the following form and submit it to the ITS department by clicking the Send button. If you prefer, you may call x3333 and leave a recorded message. Include your name and extension with the message. An ITS representative will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

*First Name :

*Last Name :

*ID Number :

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Room Number:

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*Messiah E-Mail Address:

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Description of Problem(s):

I'm using Firefox to read my mail, and I can no longer delete and/or receive any mail.
I'm not receiving mail that people are sending to me.
I've been trying to setup my PC in my room, but am having some trouble.
I took my PC to a help session, but when I plug it all in, Email and Firefox don't work.
I took my PC to a help session, and even though Email and Firefox work, other things on my PC have stopped working.
We purchased a hub from the bookstore, however, when we plug all our computers in, it doesn't work.
There is a problem with a How-to Video or I want to request a new video.
I'm getting an 'IP Conflict' message when I boot-up my PC (please provide us with the EXACT message in the space provided below).
I have a problem not listed above (Please specify below).

Please elaborate on the problem(s) you chose above.

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