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General FAQ's


General FAQ's


What are the hardware requirements for my computer to be serviced by ITS?

We require that your computer meet the following specifications in order to receive assistance from SCS:

Operating System Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Mac OS X
Desktop Processor Pentium 4 at 2.0 Gigahertz or faster
Laptop Processor i3 or higher
RAM 2 GB or higher
Hard Drive 100 GB or larger
Optical Drive CD Drive
Network 10/100 Ethernet/Network Card


Is there a charge for these services?

Student Computer Services performs all work free of charge for Messiah students.
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What problems can SCS help with?

The first priority of Student Computer Services is to make sure all students can access the network. We will help students free their computers of viruses and install AVG anti-virus on computers without virus software. As time provides and at the discretion of the Director, Academic Technology Services we will also provide software and hardware installation and support.
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Where do I bring my computer for service and what do I need to bring?

Student Computer Services is located in the Hoffman building. We are open from 8-5 Monday through Friday, closed for lunch from 12-1.

When bringing a DESKTOP for service only bring the tower. DO NOT bring any cords, mice, keyboards or monitors. When bringing a LAPTOP for service bring the laptop, the power cord and any special card/adapter needed to connect the laptop to the network.
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Can I receive help over the phone?

Student Computer Services offers FREE phone support at x3333

Click Here for a list of all help phone numbers and other ways to receive help

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What does ITS do to my computer when they configure it for the network?

We setup the WiFi on your PC to connect to MC-WPA and make sure you can access the internet and your filespace.

We place three icons on your desktop, one for your filespace, one for email, and one for changing your password.

We will also install AVG anti-virus software. It will update automatically.

We install SafeConnect. This software monitors your PC to insure that your PC has Windows Updates turned on and your Anti-Virus program is up to date and on.

We also uninstall other anti-virus programs and turn off file sharing, unless files are password protected. File sharing is one of the easiest ways for viruses to spread on campus.



Have a Mac?

We setup the WiFi on your Mac to connect to MC-WPA and install Firefox and the Messiah Filespace app so you can access your K: and Q: drives.


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Which jack in my dorm do I plug my computer into?

Each residence hall room and each campus apartment bedroom has only 1 live network jack. The majority of network jacks are marked with a big black C. If it is not marked, the live jack is normally the one opposite the phone jack.

In the apartments, a network jack is available in each bedroom only. The jack in the living room is for the phone only.
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What should I bring with me to connect to the network?

Wi-Fi is available in the residences and throughout most of campus if your computer has Wi-Fi built-in then you do not need to bring anything to connect to the network.

If more than one computer needs access to the network using a wired connection, then you will need a switch. In each residence hall or campus apartment bedroom there is only one live jack. This means that if two or more students in the same room wish to connect to the internet with a wired connection, they will need to have a hub (RJ45 cable not USB). Hubs are available from Student Computer Services (Hoffman building) for a small fee ($20.00). This fee will be partially refunded when the hub is returned to Student Computer Services ($15.00 will be returned to the student). A network cable is required for each PC (10-15ft is recommended) plus one to connect the hub to the live jack in the wall.

NOTICE: DO NOT bring a router (wireless or wired) as you will be prevented from connecting through one as routers tend to interfere with our network
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Can multiple PCs connect to the network in my room?

If more than one computer needs access to the network using a wired connection, then you will need a switch. If you are using a wireless connection, you will not need a network switch.
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Does Messiah offer wireless internet around campus?

As of Fall 2006, wireless is now offered in the residence halls & apartments, Larson Student Union, the Library and Academic Buildings. Click here for more information about the wireless campus project.
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How do I configure my laptop for Messiah's wireless network?

Click here to setup your computer to use MC-WPA.
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Do I need to bring a computer to Messiah College?

Messiah College does not require students to bring their own computer. There are 13 labs on campus with over 250 computers available to students 24 hours a day. Art and Music majors are required to have Mac laptops.
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How do I connect a game system to the Wireless Network?

To use our Wireless Game Network, please follow the directions below:

  • Obtain the MAC address of the device, for help doing this watch a How-to Video for your game system.
  • Register the device using on the Manual Registration page.
  • Wait a couple of minutes.
  • Configure the device to connect to “MC-Registered” (instead of MC-Open or MC-WPA). It is a WPA2-PSK network with a password of playgame.
  • The device will get a 153.42.152/153/154/155.x address. If no address or a 169…. address, the registration did not complete properly.


Need more help? Use a How-to Video to setup your game system.


We do not support game systems at Student Computer Services. Please do not call x3333 or the Helpdesk for help setting up a game system.
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Can I send my computer to get configured ahead of time?

Yes! We actually prefer it this way as it allows us to get as many done as possible before the "rush" at the beginning of the semester.

Computers may be shipped to following:
Messiah College
Chad Keene, Suite 3055
One College Ave
Mechanicsburg PA 17055

Computers will be configured and ready for pickup when the student arrives on campus.
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Who do I contact if I need support?

We are located in the Hoffman building

Our Office hours are:
Monday thru Friday, 8am - Noon and 1pm - 5pm

Our Helpdesk may be contacted at x 4444 or 717-796-4444 as follows:
7am - 11pm, Monday thru Friday
8am - 11pm, Weekends and Holidays

Or via email:

In the event you need to leave a message, please provide your name, number, and a brief description of the issue you are experiencing. You will receive a call back as soon as possible.



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