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Other Devices & Game Systems

You need to register other devices and game systems manually to access Messiah's Network. Go to Manual Registration


To use our Wireless Game Network, please follow the directions below:

  • Obtain the MAC address of the device, for help doing this watch a How-to Video for your game system.
  • Register the device using on the Manual Registration page.
  • Wait a couple of minutes.
  • Configure the device to connect to “MC-Registered” (instead of MC-Open or MC-WPA). It is a WPA2-PSK network with a password of playgame.
  • The device will get a 153.42.152/153/154/155.x address. If no address or a 169…. address, the registration did not complete properly.


Need more help? Use a How-to Video to setup your game system.


We do not support game systems at Student Computer Services. Please do not call x3333 or the Helpdesk for help setting up a game system.






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iMessiah - Messiah College App


iMessiah - Messiah College App


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