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Personal Web Page Guidelines


All currently registered students of Messiah College can have a personal web page on the Messiah web site. You can create/edit html files and then using information in this document, place them in the correct location to activate them.

Note that username and password in this document refer to your email/mcsquare username and password.

Helpful Information

Here are some helpful tidbits of information about putting together your web pages:
  • Your web pages are stored in your personal file space under the web subdirectory.
    • This folder should already exist in the username folder of your k: drive.
  • The main page file should be a file called index.html or index.htm. The server also accepts home.html or home.htm.
  • The URL for your page will be (substitute your email/mcsquare username).
  • URLs that only specify a directory will load the main page file in that directory (e.g. index.html).
  • Use relative links when referring to other files that are part of your home page(s).
  • Use links of the form "/~other username" to refer to other Messiah students web pages.
  • If linking to other parts of the Messiah site, the URL will need to be an absolute link referring to
  • URLs are case-sensitive. It is recommended to always use lowercase in both URLs and your filenames stored in the web directory.




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