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Minnemingo Review

Submission Guidelines


Messiah students from all majors and years are welcome to submit their prose, poetry, and artwork to the Minnemingo each semester. Submissions are reviewed anonymously by a volunteer review staff (see Review Sessions for more details). Authors and photographers whose pieces are included in the Minnemingo receive a free copy of the current issue when they attend the end-of-the-semester review party. Those whose pieces are not selected for the current issue will receive feedback from the review staff by email when the final decision is made. If you are interested in submitting to the Minnemingo, scroll down and read the submission guidelines.


Submission Deadline for Fall 2012: Monday, October 15th at 12:00 a.m.





Writers are invited to submit fiction, poetry, prose-poetry, literary nonfiction, essays, excerpts from larger works (including screenplays), and more. Please submit no more than two prose pieces and/or three pieces of poetry. Each piece should appear in a separate Word document with a title, but not the author's name. The following guidelines are meant to ensure that all of the submissions look similar, making sure that the review staff is able to focus on the content of the piece and not its font or layout:

  • Prose should be left-justified, single spaced, 12-point font, with a title in 12-point font and centered at the beginning of the piece. Paragraphs should generally not have extra spaces between them, and indentations are expected at the beginning of paragraphs. Ideal prose length: 1-3ish pages.
  • Poetry should be single spaced (except for stanza breaks and intentional spacings), set for 12-point font, and should not have page numbers. Ideal poetry length: 1-3 pages.
  • For both poetry and prose, titles should not be bold, italicized, or in quotations. Use Times New Roman. If there is no title for the piece, please label it as "Untitled." (Caveat: We strongly recommend entitling pieces. Yes, it can be painful, but it will get you published more readily.)

Artists are invited to submit no more than four digital images as .jpg's. These may be photographs, scans, or pictures of artwork (including 3-D works). For an idea of what kind of work has been accepted in the past and how those images corresponded with the print content of the Minnemingo, photographers are encouraged to skim an issue or two of the Minnemingo. However, innovation is always welcome. Copies can be purchased from the Bookstore in Eisenhower, found in the periodical stacks at Murray Library, the Writing Center in Hoffman, or the English lounge on Boyer 2nd. Please submit all images in black and white.


All contributors should submit by sending an email to with their pieces attached (Microsoft Word file for writing, .jpg for photography) and the following information in the body of their email:

  • a 2-3 line author's biography that can be funny or serious (for examples see past issues)
  • a list of the titles of your pieces and whether you would like each to be considered prose or poetry
  • a statement saying you are or are not willing for your piece(s) to appear in the forthcoming Minnemingo online archive